Shotcrete Nozzleman

The Southern California Chapter of ACI does not offer this class.  Please contact the ACI Socal Resource Center or NoCal ACI Chapter for classes offered. 

A certified Shotcrete Inspector is an individual who has demonstrated the knowledge and experience required to properly inspect the placement of shotcrete. The Inspector must understand the responsibilities and qualification requirements of the Nozzleman as well as the inspection requirements as cited in the documents governing the construction of the project.

Scope and Knowledge:

This program requires demonstration of the knowledge covered on the Job Task Analysis (JTA) for Shotcrete Inspector:

Job Task Analysis (JTA) for ACI Shotcrete Inspector Certification

The JTA is a detailed list of specific points of knowledge that may be included in the examination for this ACI Certification program. ACI urges candidates to use the JTA to prepare for the certification exam.

The program requires a working knowledge of the following documents:

  • ACI 305R-10 Guide to Hot Weather Concreting
  • ACI 305.1-14 Specification for Hot Weather Concreting
  • ACI 306R-16 Guide to Cold Weather Concreting
  • ACI 306.1-90(02) Standard Specification for Cold Weather Concreting
  • ACI 506R-16 Guide to Shotcrete
  • ACI 506.1R-08 Guide to Fiber-Reinforced Shotcrete
  • ACI 506.2-13 Specification for Shotcrete
  • ACI 506.4R-94(04) Guide for the Evaluation of Shotcrete
  • ACI 506.6T-17 Visual Shotcrete Core Quality Evaluation
  • ACI CCS-4(08) Shotcrete for the Craftsman
  • ASTM C1140/C1140M-11 Standard Practice for Preparing and Testing Specimens from Shotcrete Test Panels
  • ASTM C1604/C1604M-05(12) Standard Test Method for Obtaining and Testing Drilled Cores of Shotcrete
  • ASA Safety Guidelines for Shotcrete

Certification Requirements:
ACI will grant certification only to those individuals who:

  1. Obtain a passing grade on the written examination; and
  2. Fulfill the requirements in ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician—Grade I as follows:
    • Be currently certified as an ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician—Grade I
    • OR
    • Have been certified as an ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician—Grade I at one time
    • AND
    • Pass the current ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician—Grade I written exam within one year of passing the Inspector exam*.
  3. Demonstrate satisfactory education and work experience.

Satisfactory work experience must include at least one of the following:

  • Testing, inspection, and quality control of shotcrete;
  • Supervision of shotcrete construction work;
  • Design of shotcrete structures.

Verification of the amount and range of work experience by the applicant's employer(s) is required.

The 90-minute written examination is open-book and consists of approximately 80 multiple-choice questions. The minimum passing grade for the examination is 75%.

Certification is valid for a period of five years from the date of successfully completing all requirements.

Recertification requires successful completion of the inspection examination (see item #1, above) plus fulfillment of the Concrete Field Testing Technician—Grade I requirement (see item #2, above). Re-submission of work experience is not required for recertification.

The Southern California Chapter of ACI does not offer this class.  Please contact the NoCal ACI Chapter for classes offered.  

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