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Welcome to the American Concrete Institute- Southern California Chapter (ACISCC) Website! We will be making changes regularly, so check back often to keep current with new updates!


2017 ACI SoCal Nominating List

2017 (Proposed) Board of Directors


President                     Rob Grain                    Nominated to run UNOPPOSED

Vice President             Steve Toland               Nominated to run UNOPPOSED


Board of Directors      Replacement for Steve Toland           Josh Cavender

                                    Replacement for Ben Stone                Robert Cleeland

                                    Director at large                                 Chris Walz


2016 Nominating Committee                                                


Robert Cleeland                                                                     

Jim Little*                                                                              

Josh Hamilton                                                                        

Jade Earlabaugh                                                                    

Darrell Caddy*                                                                                   

Jason Toland*                                                                        

Renato Kich*                                                                          

Christopher Walz                                                                   

Jeff Bach                                                                                

(served on 2016 Committee)


Names in Nomination for 2017 Committee


Jim Little

Jason Toland

Renato Kich

Darrell Caddy                                     

Josh Hamilton

Jade Earlabaugh

Jay Piersall

Nathan Forrest

Willy Regis                 

Gary Kirk

Tina McIntyre

Ken Sears

Mark Kreinheider

Will Haigh


ACI Southern California By-Laws

Section 2.     The President, Vice President, most recent available Past-President and Directors shall constitute the Board of Directors of the Chapter, hereinafter referred to as the “Board”. Section 3.    

At least 90 days before each Annual Meeting, the Committee on Nominations shall report to the Secretary-Treasurer the candidates nominated for offices to become vacant at the next Annual Meeting and ten candidates for membership on the Committee on Nominations that is to serve in the following year. In the selection of candidates for Directors, the Committee on Nominations shall have due regard for diversity of professional and geographical representation. The report of the Committee on Nominations shall be prepared so that if the candidates the Committee nominates are elected there will not be more than one person employed by any single organization serving simultaneously as an elected Director or more than one person employed by any single organization serving simultaneously as Vice President, President, or Past President member of the Board. Each candidate for the office of President, Vice President or Director must have given his consent to his nomination before the report is published.


The Secretary-Treasurer shall cause notice of all such nominations to be transmitted to the membership of the Chapter as least 60 days prior to the next ensuing Annual Meeting. By petition to the Board signed by at least 10 members of the Chapter, within 15 days thereafter, additional nominations for officers or for membership on the Committee on Nominations may be made. The complete list of nominations shall be submitted at least 30 days before each Annual Meeting to the Chapter membership for ballot to be canvassed at the Annual Meeting and the result announced.


The candidate for any office receiving the most votes shall be declared elected, and the six candidates receiving the most votes for membership on the Committee on Nominations shall be declared elected. With these six, the most recent available past-president of the Chapter will serve, making a total membership of seven. The past-president member shall be chairman of the Committee on Nominations. Should any member of the Committee on Nominations thus chosen fail, within 15 days of formal notice from the Secretary-Treasurer, to make written acceptance of service, a vacancy shall occur, to be filled by the candidate receiving the next greatest number of votes, and so no until the six elected places on the Committee shall be filled.


2017 ACI Field Testing Technician Schedule

The 2017 schedule of classes is here! Click here to be taken to the Field Grade I page.



ACI SoCal Charles J. Pankow Concrete Awards 2016 Call for Entries

The Charles J. Pankow, Jr. Award recognizes outstanding and innovative use of
concrete in construction. This award was established by the Southern California Chapter in 1984 in honor of Charles J. Pankow, Jr. who served as the International President of ACI in 1980-1981 and who has been active in the Southern California Chapter since its founding. The award is made annually, if, in the judgment of the Awards Committee(s), a qualified project and contractor are nominated.

The citation on the original award presented to Charles Pankow on March 22, 1984 reads:
Special Award
Charles J. Pankow, Jr.
For Distinguished Service to the Concrete Industry As National ACI President, Director and TAC Member One of the Founders of the Southern California Chapter Innovative Engineer and Builder Leader in Concrete Construction

Categories (In Recognition Of):
1.   Outstanding Achievement and Excellence in Concrete Construction
2.   Outstanding Performance in Design and Engineering
3.   Innovative Use of Concrete in Construction
4.   Excellence in Environmental Usage of Concrete
5.   Excellent Use of Concrete in Residential Construction
6.   Decorative Use of Concrete in Construction
** One project of outstanding merit will receive the distinguished Charles J. Pankow Award

Judging Criteria:
•    Project must be completed between October 2015-September 2016
•    Applying a unique or innovative application in the method or material in the design and construction
•    The construction team achieves outstanding results in schedule and/or quality
•    Utilizing concrete in an architectural finish or concrete as artwork
•    Substituting concrete for other building materials (asphalt, steel, etc.)
•    Concrete used to increase the project’s overall sustainability

Entry Requirements:
1.   Complete Entry Form (attached)
a.    Specify Award Category for submission
b.   Indicate with an asterisk (*) as to whom the plaques should be given (company or individual person)
c.    Verify accuracy of names and spelling for award plaques
2.   Minimum of 6 / Maximum of 10 digital photos on one CD or thumb drive (*.jpeg preferred) with description for each. Video footage is allowed in addition to digital photos. These may be included at awards ceremony
3.   A one-page narrative highlighting concrete usage(s) on the project. Include detailed information regarding the quantity of cubic yards, design strength, and/or special applications (i.e. high-early strength, specialty aggregates or admixtures, innovative use of mineral admixtures, unique job conditions)
4.   Description of project for use during the awards presentation. A detailed summary is encouraged
5.       Email Heather Caya your interest and she will send you a dropbox link to upload your project!

Presentation of awards will occur in November at the Annual Concrete Awards Luncheon hosted by ACI Southern California Chapter. Information gathered for the purpose of this awards program may be published in various media outlets (print, Internet, Social Media) for the purpose of highlighting concrete’s use in design and construction.

2016 ACI Pankow Awards.doc
Microsoft Word document [197.5 KB]
2016 ACI Pankow Awards.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [422.3 KB]

September 15th Joint Seminar with ICRI

Thank you to all who made this event!  Also a big thank you to our speaker Katie Amelio who made the long journey to Los Angeles to present this topic.

Help Support our UCLA Concrete Canoe Team!


2A-2016 UCLA Concrete Canoe Sponsorship [...]
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Upcoming Events

November 17, 2016 Pankow Awards

Awards November 17 flyer.docx
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Awards November 17 flyer.pdf
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January 19, 2017 Sam Hobbs & Past President Night

January 19, 2017 Sam Hobbs.docx
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May 17, 2017 Annual Howard Lux Scholarship Golf Tournament

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